Outperforming conventional inspection methods every time

As a business, we are spearheading the idea of Drone as a Service (Daas). We do this by exploring the client’s challenge, developing the software required, and then integrating it into our customized hardware

Industrial grade
drones and UAVs

We are committed to the highest level of performance, often creating our own customized drones for the task at hand.

Multifuntional sensors
for in-depth analysis

We have developed purpose-built sensors that are able to give us a broad range of readings and data to be high performance.

Deep learning algorithms
for unparalleled performance

We harness the power of purpose-built machine-learning algorithms to constantly improve our calculations and measurements.

Our Patners

Trusted by users worldwide, Firnas Aero’s innovative drone solutions provide unparalleled
safety, security, reliability.

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