From Abbas ibn Firnas,

To a new revolution in Aviation Technology.


1200 years ago, in the Spanish hills of Cordoba, an Islamic polymath challenged the understanding of the possibility and pioneered the idea of human aviation. It was the brilliant mind and inventions of Abbas ibn Firnas, which led him to successfully performing the first recorded human-controlled flight attempt.

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To explore and develop new applications for drones to overcome business & aviation challenges.


Connecting people to each other is the idea at the heart of all aviation. We believe that in the 21st Century, this is now best achieved with drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs).

We are proud pioneers of the concept of Drones-as-a-Service, whereby we utilize the advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles to solve problems faster and more effectively than what was previously possible.

Innovators in Artificial Intelligence as well as aviation Robotics


This depth of expertise and experience gives us an unrivaled advantage in our understanding and expertise of the technology and industry at large. We have established ourselves.

Inspired by the past, embracing the future.


Inspired by the father of aviation, Abbas ibn Firnas, we are a progressive company committed to utilizing the power of aviation technology in the form of Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAVs) to solve business challenges.

Despite being a business that is preoccupied with flight, we are a company frounded in unshakeable core values. Our four cornerstone values underpain everything we do.


We are quick to adapt to new technologies and opportunities as well as to our client’s requirements.


We are always innovating and exploring better, faster, and more effective solutions to be more effctive .


We appreciate the importance of working in a way that is responsible to the world around us.


We don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen. This has been in our DNA since day one.

We use the power of aviation technology to solve a business problem


Our core offering is Drone as a Service (DaaS), providing unparalleled inspection services using our unmanned aerial systems. Using drones overcomes the risks and challenges of traditional inspection processes. They are faster to implement, provide more accurate results and eliminate the risks associated with dangerous inspections.


aerodrome and facilities


FOD and abnormalities


risk and hazards accurately and promptly

State-of-the-art technology at your service.


As a business, we are spearheading the idea of Drone as a Service (Daas). We do this by exploring the client’s challenge, developing the software required, and then integrating it into our customized hardware.

Our Partners

Trusted by users worldwide, Firnas Aero’s innovative drone solutions provide unparalleled
safety, security, reliability.

Advanced Media Trading

One of the  of broadcast, professional video, and photography equipment, and accessories.


Build Smart and Scalable Drone Applications, Making drones fully autonomous and connected for businesses.


Provide drone-agnostic unmanned traffic management to track and declare flights according to local regulations.

Skycharge GmbH

Through Adaptive Wired Charging and Intelligent Power Management, Skycharge provides a turnkey solution to remote-charge commercial drones.


Making Drone Data Accessible to
Anyone, Anywhere, Transforming the way businesses collect, manage, and interpret drone data.

Case Study – One


Our client, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority was unable to perform periodic inspections of their power lines due to their remote conditions and incredibly harsh climate conditions. This in turn meant they were unable to satisfy their own inspection requirements. And with a shortage of qualified labor and high operating costs, they needed to find a unique solution.


Our objective was to demonstrate the benefits of UAV inspections compared to the conventional methods. We also needed to drive the urgency of equipment and personnel scheduled based on the required inspections.

What we did

Firstly, we defined the scope of the project and created a mission plan to achieve the necessary tasks.

We then flew multiple missions, gathering the required data.

We were then able to develop a comparison analysis between the conventional methods and our unique UAV method of inspection.


We provided a comprehensive report, detailing the maintenance priorities.

We demonstrated the significant advantages of UAVs versus the conventional inspection methods.

We demonstrated the benefits of the UAV product in terms of reliability, availability maintainability, and safety.

Case Study – Two


Our client, Emirates Global Aluminum needed to keep track of different types of aluminum piping as well as their location. They needed to compare their documented data of the above verses the actual data. Without this accurate data, they were struggling to create accurate lead-time schedules based on their consumption.


Our objective was to measure the stockpiles of the aluminum pipes in real-time and provide a preliminary stockpile volume report. Additionally were needed to showcase the advantages of UAVs versus the conventional methods of collecting, measuring, and recording the required data.

What we did

Firstly, we defined created a mission plan to achieve the necessary tasks.

We then integrated the footage from the drones with live data processing software.

We then generated a volume report. Additionally, we developed tools to help the EGA with their volumetric control.


We successfully measured the accurate stockpiles of aluminum pipes, in real-time.

We provided a preliminary stockpile report.

We developed a basic checklist for the EGA’s volumetric control personnel

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