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        Abbas bin Firnas, the 9th-century Andalusian polymath born in what is now Spain, left an enduring legacy in aviation history. His audacious glider flight attempt in 875 AD, while brief, provided critical insights into aerodynamics and control. Today, his bold endeavor influences modern aviation’s rapid advancements. Firnas Aero, much like Abbas, embodies a commitment to innovation in aviation technology, exploring uncharted territory and pushing boundaries. His legacy serves as a timeless reminder of the possibilities that arise from multidisciplinary innovation and fearless exploration, aligning with Firnas Aero’s dedication to shaping the future of the aviation industry through autonomous systems and leaving a lasting and positive impact.

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     Firnas Aero is a Leading Saudi startup which provides its cutting-edge Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) system, a groundbreaking solution for aerial surveillance and inspections. The DiaB system represents the future of autonomous drone technology, catering to both B2G and B2B clients. Our DiaB systems are engineered to provide a turnkey solution for a wide array of applications, including infrastructure monitoring, security surveillance, environmental assessments, and more. With Firnas Aero’s DiaB system, experience the convenience and precision of fully automated aerial operations that are cost-effective and efficient, revolutionizing how industries approach surveillance and inspections.


We are quick to adapt to new technologies and opportunities as well as to our client’s requirements.


We are always innovating and exploring better, faster, and more effective solutions to be more effctive .


We appreciate the importance of working in a way that is responsible to the world around us.


We don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen. This has been in our DNA since day one.



        The DiaB system represents a new era in drone technology, offering innovative robotic battery-swapping for uninterrupted operations with rapid battery changes. It sets efficiency and autonomy standards, integrating seamlessly into workflows. Clients can remotely manage the system via cloud, utilizing various connectivity options like 5G, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance. Our advanced machine and deep learning models, trained on aerial images, excel in both detecting anomalies and understanding complex visual patterns. This versatility is valuable across applications like surveillance, inspection, and environmental monitoring, empowering users with actionable insights and informed decision-making, while enhancing efficiency and safety in various industries.


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NEOM, a cutting-edge city development project, required a reliable and efficient solution for construction progress monitoring. With a vast area and numerous ongoing construction projects, the traditional methods of monitoring were time-consuming, resource-intensive, and lacked comprehensive coverage.


The integrated Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) system from Firnas Aero provided NEOM with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing them to have up-to-date insights into their construction projects. Moreover, the DiaB system offered comprehensive coverage, as it could be programmed to fly predetermined routes, capturing detailed images and videos of construction sites from various angles and altitudes, all while being displayed on interactive dashboards that are connected to their private cloud servers.

Case Study


Conducting an environmental assessment for The Red Sea Global’s project faces several challenges. Firstly, the project covers a large and diverse coastal area, with sandy landscapes and high temperatures, humidity, and winds. This presented the difficulty of conducting comprehensive assessments across various ecosystems and habitats. Secondly, traditional data collection methods are often inefficient and logistically complex, hindering the acquisition of timely and accurate information necessary for decision-making. Lastly, assessing potential environmental risks and monitoring project activities in real-time over a large area can be resource-intensive and technically demanding, requiring effective solutions for continuous monitoring.


The implementation of the Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) system offers efficient data collection and real-time monitoring for The Red Sea Project. Our autonomous drones equipped with advanced multispectral, thermal, and hi-resolution cameras enabled us in capturing plant penetration images and in detecting plastic waste in a comprehensive manner throughout the coastal area that was covered with mangroves, and a diversity of flora and fauna. The DiaB’s flexibility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness streamlined the environmental assessment process, ensuring sustainable practices and preserving the Red Sea’s unique ecosystem.

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