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Inspired by the father of aviation, Abbas ibn Firnas, we are a progressive company committed to utilizing the power of aviation technology in the form of Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAVs) to solve business challenges.

Despite being a business that is preoccupied with flight, we are a company frounded in unshakeable core values. Our four cornerstone values underpain everything we do.


We are quick to adapt to new technologies and opportunities as well as to our client’s requirements.


We are always innovating and exploring better, faster, and more effective solutions to be more efftive .


We appreciate the importance of working in a way that is responsible to the world around us.


We don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen. This has been in our DNA since day one.

We use the power of aviation technology to solve the business problems.

Our core offering is Drone as a Service (DaaS), providing unparalleled inspection services using our unmanned aerial systems. Using drones overcomes the risks and challenges of traditional inspection processes. They are faster to implement, provide more accurate results and eliminate the risks associated with dangerous inspections.

State-of-the-art technology at your service.

As a business, we are spearheading the idea of Drone as a Service (Daas). We do this by exploring the client’s challenge, developing the software required, and then integrating it into our customized hardware

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